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The Butterfly Queen

Why you should work with Jay!


Fed up of hearing your own voice constantly complaining?

Fed up of suffering & wandering 'Why is it always me?'

Do you feel like you listen to everyone but no one listens to you or has ever really heard you?

Do you carry shame or guilt about your past?

Do you find you blame yourself or others a lot?

Is your inner child still hurting, fighting to be accepted, cherished or protected?

Have you experienced failed relationships that you feel have stripped you of your self worth?...

Jay had battled with emotional health & trauma, and cried in emotional turmoil asking "Why me"? Screamed it in anger & could never get a response.

After many a heartbreak, from family to men & ‘friends’, navigating through financial struggles & two beautiful baby miracles later, Jay found herself at rock bottom. Emotionally drained & lost in a sequence of bad decisions, relationships & circumstances, she finally looked within herself for the answer!

By looking in, she realised that it must be much less lonely if she dared to take her power back & thrive. In every moment she could empower herself to make the choice to F.L.Y! 

With very little assistance, support or guidance, she learned how to have unwavering faith, let go & trust the process. It suddenly made sense, she now knew exactly WHY she had to go through certain experiences & come out victorious in order to help others through their own emotional turmoil. She knew she wanted to be that light to others when they too feel that they are at rock bottom. 


Who better than a trained & real life experience as your teacher. She’s been where you are & there are just some things you cannot teach!


"As we step into our power together, we co-create a harmonious collective in which we turn inevitable pain into power, happiness & joy for all to share."



No more people pleasing.

No more denying the parts of yourself you don’t want anyone to see.

No more hiding from the beautiful human that lies under layers of

harmful social conditioning, family patterns or doubtful Debbie downers in your mind.

"When emotions are high, intelligence is low"


About Jay

My Journey

Jay has always known there was something different & wildly wonderful about her. Nothing about her surroundings ever seemed to be norm for her.

At a young age she knew she was spiritually powerful with a sense of knowing, her strong intuition was something that she did not understand nor was it recognised or nourished from a young age.

As she began to work on herself others around her began to witness the cocoon fall away & her wings emerge in all their glory. This led to her being the go to person in times of need from those around her & soon spread. She soon realised that she had the answer to the question we all have asked ourselves at one point…  WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?

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