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About Me

"I've fallen many times, I just don't stay there"

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My Soul Goal is to assist you on your healing journey!

I have battled with my own emotional health & trauma over the years & found the downward spiral almost becomes a comfortable excuse to accept that life has won & will never get any better.


I`ve experienced failed suicide attempts, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, verbal, mental, sexual and domestic abuse, yet I just knew there had to be more to life than that. More to life than painful experiences.


It was after my second child, trapped in a toxic relationship with a world class narcissist that I found myself down the rabbit hole of depression.  So I went to my local GP for a miracle cure - I honestly don’t know what I expected, I just needed someone or something to make it better. I felt I had no-one in my life that I could be completely transparent & vulnerable with at that time & it was then that I learned loneliness can be an extremely dangerous place, especially when you do love & value yourself. My GP prescribed anti-depressants, & even though I went to the chemist to collect my prescription, I knew they weren’t right for me.

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My Soul Goal is to assist you on your healing journey!

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My Story

At my lowest point I was referred to a counsellor but that didn’t help. I wasn’t a talker, not everyone is, when they have experienced certain traumas. I was very closed & found it hard to just talk. The words would be there, they just wouldn't come out. From a young age I would always prefer to do my talking in my diary with it's little padlock. Little did I know I was mastering the art of journaling long before I knew it was even a thing. So there I was, stuck in a world of loneliness, anti-depressants I wasn't taking & a counsellor who I wasn’t very good at speaking with, she didn't seem too interested in me either to be fair. At this point, I decided to start learning again.


One book led to another. One motivational speech to another. One affirmation to many more affirmations, shaping my newfound routine. I found people to follow & admire, whose stories & messages resonated with me. Through their inspiration & motivation, not only did I recover emotionally, but I continued my learning & healing journey that led me here to help others do the same.


Observing increasing despair & uncertainty around me (in 2020) made me want to take leap to be `that` supportive person to others. Helping others get the support & tools needed to help them thrive & get their wings back again would provide real fulfilment. Sharing my personal journey to support & guide others through their toughest times, understanding some of what they might be going through, through real life experience; the best teacher in my opinion, is what I believe makes me unique.


Emotional Health & well-being is extremely important & something I feel is not talked about or explored enough other than when we explore mental health in depth, so assisting others in understanding & working through their emotions so they are not consumed by them, is the ultimate goal. When we fail to love ourselves first, we can fall into the trap of becoming dependent or giving too much too soon & feeling depleted when that same level of love is not reciprocated.

It was necessary to go through every experience, to be able to help others. I no longer carry those experiences or trauma as a burden instead I carry those same experiences & trauma as my greatest strength!

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