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You are your greatest Investment

Ready to do the work? Find what works for you!


FREE 15-Minute Call

  • Determine whether you're really ready to do the work

  • Discover where you are currently

  • Decide where you would like to be

  • Confirm the best plan to achieve your desired results


1 hour 1:1 Sessions

  • Recommended minimum of 6 sessions for maximum results

  • Exclusive content & resources to strengthen Emotional Health

  • Intentional Soul Goal setting

  • Follow up audios after each session + 1 email response

  • Compassionate communication

  • Establish limiting beliefs & blocks

  • Support & practices to ensure consistent progress

  • Transformational techniques to enhance personal growth

  • Personalised Affirmations

One For The Mums 

1 hour 1:1 Sessions

  • I wanted to make this as affordable as possible for all Mums

  • Access to Mums Butterfly Healing Home WhatsApp group

  • Unlock how your own childhood can shape your parenting

  • Inner child work

  • How to break patterns in pathology

  • Self Love Tools & how to implement them

  • Tools to face mum guilt & negative self talk

  • Dispel feelings of failing your children

  • Learn how to set boundaries with your children

  • YES! Your children need boundaries too

  • Healthy family communication tools &practices

  • Success Sheet to track progress

  • Personalised Affirmations


5 Week Digital Package

  • It's all about YOU

  • Digital content centered around putting yourself FIRST

  • Effective strategies to nurture & proritse Emotional Health

  • Discover the importance of Self Love & how to implement it

  • Integrity building

  • Positive habit formation practices to support your growth

  • Learn how to harness the power of Thought & Decision

  • Manifest positive experiences

  • Email support

Butterfly Effect

12 Week 1:1 Sessions

  • Ready for small changes that produce big results?

  • That's what the Butterfly Effect is!

  • Introductory Empowerment audio

  • Fortnightly sessions

  • Personalised Affirmations

  • One email reply per fortnight

  • Trigger Management Toolkit

  • Emotion Mastery Techniques - regain control of your emotions

  • Boundaries & effective implementation

  • How to protect your Emotional Well-being & honour your needs

  • Benefit from the wisdom that only experience can bring

  • Create profound shifts in your life

  • Encourage a proactive mindset to take the necessary steps

  • Accountability System to keep you focused & motivated

  • Experience a fast-paced journey of growth & self-discovery


6 Months 1:1 Sessions

  • Bloom Flourish & Thrive

  • Downloadable workbook

  • Time to turn that Pain into Power

  • Learn the power of adversity & use trauma as stepping stones

  • Cultivate new empowering thought patterns

  • Release Self-Criticism & Self-Sabotaging behaviours

  • Transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones

  • Embark on a guided journey of Self-Transformation

  • Mirror work in action - face yourself with grace

  • Mind Body & Soul work - including health habits & hacks

  • Unleash your truth & set your voice free

  • Inner child work & guided meditation

  • Develop & cultivate a strong sense of Self-Worth

  • Exercises, meditations & affirmations to keep you inspired

  • Three email replies per month

  • Guidance & Support through each stage of your metamorphosis

  • Accountability System to keep you focused & motivated

  • Trigger Training - Respond differently & watch magic unfold

  • Experience a detailed journey of growth & self-discovery

  • Shine like a beautiful Butterfly

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