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Investing in yourself is the best decision you can make

Are you prepared to put in the effort? Discover what suits you best!

  • Assess your readiness to commit

  • Identify your current position

  • Define your goals

  • Establish the optimal strategy to achieve your objectives

01 Consultation

FREE 15-Minute Call

02 Evolve 

1 hour 1:1 Sessions

  • Minimum recommendation of 6 sessions for optimal outcomes

  • Access to exclusive content & resources to enhance emotional well-being

  • Purposeful soul goal setting

  • Follow-up audios post-session and one email reply

  • Practice of compassionate communication

  • Identification of limiting beliefs and obstacles

  • Ongoing support and practices for steady progress

03 One For The Mums 

1 hour 1:1 Sessions

  • I wanted to make this as affordable as possible for all Mums

  • Access to Mums Butterfly Healing Home WhatsApp group

  • Unlock how your own childhood can shape your parenting

  • Inner child work

  • How to break patterns in pathology

  • Self Love Tools & how to implement them

  • Tools to face mum guilt & negative self talk

  • Dispel feelings of failing your children

04 F.L.Y 

5 Week Digital Package

  • It's all about YOU

  • Digital content centered around putting yourself FIRST

  • Effective strategies to nurture & proritse Emotional Health

  • Discover the importance of Self Love & how to implement it

  • Integrity building

  • Positive habit formation practices to support your growth

05 Butterfly Effect

12 Week 1:1 Sessions

  • Ready to make small changes for big impacts? Explore the Butterfly Effect!

  • Introductory Empowerment Audio

  • Biweekly Sessions

  • Customized Affirmations

  • One Email Response Every Two Weeks

  • Trigger Management Toolkit

  • Techniques for Emotion Mastery - Take control of your feelings

  • Setting and Implementing Effective Boundaries

06 Metamorphosis

6 Months 1:1 Sessions

  • Bloom Flourish & Thrive

  • Downloadable workbook

  • Time to turn that Pain into Power

  • Learn the power of adversity & use trauma as stepping stones

  • Cultivate new empowering thought patterns

  • Release Self-Criticism & Self-Sabotaging behaviours

  • Transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones

  • Embark on a guided journey of Self-Transformation

  • Mirror work in action - face yourself with grace

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