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Emotional Health is wealth!

The Butterfly Effect

You are not alone & you need not suffer in silence any longer it is time we honor your inner child, dive into the depths of your birthright divine power, affirm your soul, confront trauma & master the necessary tools to reconnect you to your inner guidance system that is your intuition.

Have you ever felt depressed, broken, down, rejected, lost, had your heartbroken, worried, unheard, used & abused or like you just don't know what the next step is for you in life?

Now is the time to make the change & commitment in creating the life of your dreams because that is the power you possess!!! You owe that to yourself RIGHT NOW & not a moment later.


The possibilities are endless, even if it may not feel or seem like it right now, that is exactly what I am here for! ... It's time to change the narrative, shake up & eradicate the pattern. Are you ready to get honest with yourself & face your fears with me there every step of the way to hold your hand as I lovingly hold you accountable for your personal growth?


Sometimes it may get a little ugly but that is the utter beauty of the metamorphosis, sometimes we have to go through a little 'ugly' stage to get to the beauty.

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The Butterfly Effect

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Emotional Health is wealth!

Known as The Queen of Self-Love & founder of the Butterfly Healing Home it is my soul purpose & divine calling to assist beautiful souls such as yourself in your healing for the ultimate change you desire to see in your life but have been unable to achieve thus far. Until now!! It is time to go back to the home of your soul.

Emotional freedom is your birthright & no matter where you are on your journey, you will have all the tools to make the shift in mindset to free you from a limited & fear based mindset to one of a confident, powerful being, in alignment with your highest self.

Many years ago I turned my pain into power & I want to show you exactly how you can do it too.

The Solution

Here at the Butterfly Healing Home we equip you with the knowledge to harness your strength so your emotions will not over power your intelligence as you go forth on your journey making sound & wise choices to serve your future self to begin to unleash your highest version with undeniable faith that your past cannot harm your future.

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"Do something different for a difference"

Download your mini First Love Yourself eBook Here!!!



First Love Yourself, this concept may be one that is relatively new to many but don't worry, we talk about that a lot here.


One for the Mums

As a mother myself, i know first hand the difficulties in raising children whilst healing trauma & have done my very best to make it both accessible and affordable for all.

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